Posted by: abi | May 22, 2010

finishing a year of study…

Today was our Disciple retreat.  We were celebrating a year long journey of studying the Bible using a community based study called “Disciple”.  Andy had done this study a few times before, but it was my first time.  We began attend Community Presbyterian Church right as they were starting this study and we both jumped on board.  It was neat to do a Bible study like this together and we met some great people in our small group.

We read about 75% of the Bible throughout the course of the year and have been meeting weekly since September.

Update on my dad:  He is healing well and hopes to be going home from the hospital on Monday.

Posted by: abi | May 21, 2010

thankful friday…

My dad had a heart attack this morning while running at the gym.  One of his arteries was completely blocked and they had to put a in a stint.  But he is doing fine and I was able to talk to him tonight.  He is in the ICU and under observation for the next few days, then he should be able to come home and take it easy.

We are so thankful that he is doing better and are praying that he recovers quickly and doesn’t have any more problems.

Posted by: abi | May 18, 2010

back to reality…

We spent the weekend here.  Relaxing at the lake with Andy’s family.

Now we are back to reality.

This week we are busy figuring out how to schedule our move.  Andy is stressing about UK visa stuff.  I am counting down the days until I stop working and can go visit my family and friends.  I’m not looking forward to figuring out how/what to have packed/organized before we move.  I have sloooowwwly started.  But I get a little overwhelmed and don’t get a lot done.  I’m not at all sure what to do with all my art supplies since I’m finding out that I can’t ship any kind of paint.  I’ll figure out some way to get at least some of it on the plane with me I guess.

But I’m having fun playing around with my new camera.

Posted by: abi | May 13, 2010 love…

When we were at the beach a few weekends ago, I was playing around with my new DSLR and trying to teach myself how to use it better.  I also took my nice little point & shoot canon for quick and easy shots (and/or for Andy since he’s not too into the DSLR).  I think I had too many cameras along to keep up with or something – because I ended up somehow leaving the little Canon’s battery and charger at the hotel.  I realized it when we were on the way home and I called the hotel.  They didn’t know anything about my battery charger (even though I described exactly where it would be!) and said to try calling back on Monday when the regular lost and found person was there.  I called back.  Still not found.  My battery and charger were gone forever….probably in the cleaning person’s trash or something.  I was a little upset and had a bad feeling about how much money this mistake would cost me.

A few days later, after I came to terms with the fact that the battery and charger were really gone, I went to Best Buy to see if I could buy replacements.  The geek squad guy near the cameras had to look online to see if they had the right battery for my camera.  He figured out which one it was and we tried it.  It fit….but it was nearly $40.  Ouch.  And the charger was sold separate – another $45.  Double ouch.  The geek squad guy then started trying to talk me into just buying another camera since cameras are getting cheaper and I may as well just spend another $25 dollars or so and get a new camera.  I didn’t really like that idea…or the idea of spending $85 that day, so I just said thank you and copied down the name/type of battery I needed for my camera.

That night I went online and the first place I checked out was and they had quite a few batteries.  I looked around a little and found the right battery with a charger and a car charging adapter for only $10 – and that included shipping!  Yay!  Love….I definitely felt better about a $10 mistake than I would’ve about an $85 mistake.  My new battery, charger, and car charger came in the mail today and they work wonderfully!

And amazon ships to APO addresses.  Which is what we will have when we move in July.  I’ve been checking what kind of online shopping I can do while in England.  Very important research.

Posted by: abi | May 11, 2010


We are busy trying to get a million things done before we leave.  I’ve been taking care of all the medical/legal stuff for Andy and he’s been busy getting my no-fee passport, figuring out what we need for visas and (hopefully) getting appointments to figure out our travel arrangements.  I’ve started going through closets and trying to organize and box up things to store/ship.  Fun, fun, fun…..

We are both definitely excited, just have a lot running through our minds constantly right now.  I’ve started a running list of all the things I need to remind myself to do in the next few weeks.  And our remaining weeks are filling up fast – we are going to try and spend a lot of good time with our families and friends and we’ve still got some of Andy’s work stuff to finish up with the youth.

Now that we have all orders/paperwork we need and have a fairly good idea of when we’ll need to be travelling/packing, I let my job know when my final day would be.  My managers and co-workers are sad I’m leaving, but they’re excited for us too.  I am going to quit a few weeks early so that I can go visit my family and friends and then come back and get everything ready to go.

It still seems surreal…

Posted by: abi | May 6, 2010

moving on…

The past two years have absolutely been awesome – we have loved where we live and it has been great working on Fort Bragg with the American Red Cross.  It’s safe to say that I’ve worked some long hours and it’s been stressful at times, but I still really enjoy my job.  While Fort Bragg is not the most exotic place in the world, its clearly a very large base with a lot of military action.  I have learned a lot and been blessed to work with some of the greatest staff, volunteers and have had some wonderful mentors.

But we are moving on.  The American Red Cross has asked me if I would take a new assignment….at a US Air Force base in England for 3 years.  We said yes!  Abi and I will be moving to RAF Mildenhall, England this July.  My job title and most of my responsibilities will be very similar to what I am doing now.  We still have a lot of unknowns, but we are very excited.

We’ll be living in housing provided by the military.  The base is where the red star is on the map above.  We’ll be about 75 mi. north of London.

We will definitely miss our family and friends, but we will keep everyone up to date on our lives and travels on the blog.  And we would love having anyone and everyone come visit while we are over there!

– Andy & Abi

Posted by: abi | May 2, 2010

beach weekend….

We just got home from a great weekend at the beach.  We realized this was one of the few free weekends we had before things start getting a little crazy for us and decided to run down to Myrtle on Friday night after work.  We found out that a lot of Andy’s family had all decided to go stay at his parent’s condo – they saw us driving and called us and we were glad to have breakfast and spend some time on the beach with them on Sunday.

We stayed here (thanks to my parents generously letting us use their timeshare)

This was our view of the pool and ocean.

The weather was wonderful.  Nice and sunny and warm most of the weekend.

We had fun walking on the beach.

Swimming in the pool and jacuzzi.

We both got a little sunburned.

But I was just glad that this time Andy was able to walk on the beach.  (Last time we went was back in Jan. when he still wasn’t able to walk much and he didn’t want to try walking on sand)

a great relaxing time!

Posted by: abi | April 30, 2010

thankful friday….

This week we are thankful for:

– For good news and getting more details about something new with Andy’s job which will involve big (exciting) changes for both of us…we will post more info next week.

– awesome weekend plans…lots of sun, fun, shopping and relaxing…

Posted by: abi | April 28, 2010

ballgame with friends…

Sharing my macbook is not easy!  Andy has been taking it to work everyday to work on the website that he is building for the Red Cross and he leaves with it before I get out of bed.  I do have his laptop to use in the morning, but it’s not the same….I haven’t gotten around to blogging much because all my pictures are on my computer and I can’t save things in my folders…..sigh.

All this to say that this post is a few days late, but oh well.  Blame it on Andy not having his website done yet.

A couple from church invited us to go with them to a Durham Bulls game last Saturday.  We weren’t sure about the weather, as it was calling for rain, but after phone calls back and forth and checking the weather online all day, we all decided to go anyway.   We had a great time!  The Bulls were playing the Atlanta Braves AAA team and both teams were pretty evenly matched.  It was a close game all the way into the 9th inning when the Bulls lost by one run.  The boys had a good time talking sports and the wives talked everything else.  The weather was fine – it sprinkled briefly and then stopped until we started driving home.

Posted by: abi | April 25, 2010

springfest 2010…

On Saturday, Andy and I went out to our town’s annual Springfest.  It is a big deal here in town and goes throughout the whole downtown area.  We had fun looking around and Andy walked the whole thing with no problems.  He says he isn’t in a lot of pain and is working on walking more these days.

I liked this “bag monster”.  We got some reusable Chico bags from this little local recycled goods store and love them!  Andy even likes using them for grocery shopping and work stuff.

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